Ayurvedic Massage and Bodywork

Dakini Ayurveda massage and bodywork services are touch therapies that center on restoring the memory of pure consciousness in every cell of your body in order to establish both physical balance and bliss – rejuvenation. Quite simply, our Ayurvedic treatments are likely different from anything you’ve ever experienced before. While typical body therapies focus on muscle tension or skin care, our Ayurvedic services combine physical, mental and emotional relaxation and care techniques to create both short-term and long-term benefits. Every Dakini Ayurveda remedy is tailored to meet the unique needs of the individual client and can utilize many different elements, from herbs and oils to Ayurvedic massage, all with the goal of putting your entire being back into balance. Dakini Ayurveda sessions are effective tools for managing stress and illness, and help to cultivate:


  • Profound relaxation
  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Greater energy
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Improved concentration
  • Healthy circulation


The following Dakini Ayurveda massage & bodywork services address and help alleviate many common health issues:


  • Bliss Therapy (2.5 hours) ~ It’s all in the name! This Dakini Ayurveda package of abhyanga (massage), shirodhara (third eye oil stream treatment) and swedana (herbalized steam treatment) will certainly take you to a state of bliss. During this therapy, you will first be treated to an herbalized oil massage, followed by a pacifying shirodhara that takes you to a profound level of relaxation. The swedana is the perfect final treatment to revitalize, purify and clear your body and mind.


  • Shirodhara (60 minutes) ~ Third eye oil stream treatment is one of the most deeply relaxing practices in Ayurveda. During this therapy a stream of warm, herbalized oil is poured onto the third eye and flows over your forehead and scalp, taking you to a profoundly meditative state. Shirodhara relaxes and rejuvenates the mind, and can be highly beneficial for symptoms such as insomnia, headaches, anxiety, mental exhaustion, stress, nervous system imbalances, and more.


  • Abhyanga (60 & 90 minutes) ~ Ayurvedic massage incorporates the use of warm herbalized oils and choreographed movements to calm your body and mind, reduce stress, and nourish your deep tissues. As Ayurveda views each person as unique, the herbalized oils used and the nature of the massage techniques applied are adapted to your specific needs.


  • Abhyanga & Swedana (90 mins) ~ An herbalized steam bath following a 60-minute warm herbalized oil massage helps to revitalize, purify and clear the system.


  • Nasya (60 minutes)This therapy is a head, neck and shoulder massage followed by a nasal therapy. Using heat gently applied to open your sinuses, medicated oil is then applied internally to the nasal passages in order to clear the sinuses, rejuvenate the mind and balance the flow of prana. Nasya is highly beneficial for allergies, congestion, headaches and other imbalances manifesting in the neck or head.


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