Getting Started with Ayurvedic Healthcare Consultations

STEP 1: Schedule Initial Consultation

  • Initial Consultation (1 hr & 45 mins) ~ Your first appointment will be a one-on-one session involving a complete review of your chief symptoms, daily routines, eating habits, physical/mental/emotional tendencies, a physical assessment, and pulse/tongue diagnosis. You’ll receive an initial set of recommendations, which will entail some of the therapies mentioned below. Please note: All Initial Consultation patients are required to submit a detailed intake form prior to his/her visit. Upon scheduling your Initial Consultation, please download and complete the Initial Consultation Intake Form and return it via email or fax to Dakini Ayurveda at least 48 hours prior to your visit. 


STEP 2: Continue with Follow-up Visits


  • Follow-up Visits (50 mins) ~ Ayurvedic therapy focuses on removing obstacles to wellness and balancing the root cause of disease and suffering in body, mind and spirit. Therefore, follow-up visits are incredibly important to your long-term deep healing. During Ayurveda therapy sessions, your practitioner will guide you through your comprehensive holistic treatment plan, providing you with emotional, psychological and spiritual support along your path of healing. Follow-up visits may involve any of the classical Ayurveda treatments (i.e. meditation instruction, herbal formulas, color therapy) as well as reviews of progress, concerns, breakthroughs, etc. 


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Ayurvedic Healthcare Consultations Overview

Ayurveda has been assisting people to achieve and maintain optimal health for over 5,000 years.  It is a profound wisdom that is potentially life-changing. As a system of self-healing, the effectiveness of Ayurveda is dependent upon the individual’s dedication to making healthful life decisions and changes.

During your Ayurvedic Healthcare Consultations, your practitioner will address your specific health needs and concerns by taking the time to completely assess and understand your whole being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We take a comprehensive approach to healing, placing emphasis on living in balance, not only with proper, nourishing food choices but also with lifestyle choices and modifications which generate a more balancing influence on your complete being. Dakini Ayurveda will identify and assess the root causes of your health concerns and treat your current symptoms by understanding your individual Ayurvedic constitution along with your current state of imbalance through the self-healing philosophy of Ayurveda. The primary goal of Dakini Ayurveda is to work with you to co-create a customized holistic care plan that restores and maintains your health and well-being. Our journey will ideally take place over the course of several visits as we work to incorporate supportive daily practices, remove obstacles to healing, and address any challenges that may arise. Dakini Ayurveda will guide, support and assist you all along the way as you gain an ever-deeper understanding of your natural states of balance and bliss.


Using the following classical forms of Ayurvedic treatment, your healthcare consultations will result in a personalized healing program that may include:


  • Nutrition counseling
  • Mindful eating practices
  • Mind counseling (for mental and emotional health)
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Herbal formulas
  • Massage and bodywork
  • Panchakarma
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Pranayam
  • Sound therapy and mantra
  • Aromatherapy
  • Color therapy


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